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The finest hand-made Artist's paint brushes available for use with water colors, inks, acrylics, oils, and ceramic glazes.

Our brushes have gorgeous bamboo handles selected for balance, feel, and beauty.

Our bristles are made from select hairs from Deer, Elk, Fox, Goat, Kolinsky & Russian Sable, Moose, Ox, or synthetic fibers.

We offer large pieces of high quality reusable calligraphy practice cloth that uses water instead of ink.

Our brushes are sold individually and in sets.

See our Facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/LebenzonPaintbrushes

~Upcoming shows are noted below~

NCECA Show, March 22 - 24, Portland, Oregon
information at: The NCECA Web site

Downtown Burbank Arts Festival, April 29-30, Burbank, CA
information at: The Burbank Arts Festival Web site

Mountain View A la Carte & Art, May 6-7, Mountain View, CA
information at: The Mountain View Ala Cart & Art Web site

Thanks to all who visited our booth and bought from us at our recent shows...

Asian Celebration, Eugene, Oregon
Casa Grande, Arizona Street Fair
Sister's Oregon, Harvest Faire
AAOS Arts & Crafts Festival
Kirkland Summerfest
Magnolia Summer Festival
Kitsap Arts and Crafts Festival
Vashon Island Strawberry Festival
Northwest Folklife Festival

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For information contact information@lebenzon-paintbrushes.com