Last time i checked, i found almost 500 videos on social media and beyond that featured my brushes or showed them being used in demonstrations. Following are videos made by several internationally known artists, each with up to millions of viewers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and beyond. The artists are demonstrating and introducing Lebenzon Paintbrushes to their viewers.

Below Steve Mitchell, who has over 280 thousand Subscribers and over 18 million YouTube viewers around the world, reviews some of my brushes.

A little information about Steve:

“I am an artist working in and around the Upstate SC area. I’ve served a variety of commercial clientele over the past 30+ years as a graphic designer and illustrator but have been transitioning back to fine art lately. My first love has always been drawing and painting with a special emphasis on watermedia. Regardless of the medium, I have a passion for what I do and love sharing that passion with others in my work and on my YouTube channel, The Mind of Watercolor.”

Source Steve’s web site.

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Below Tim Wilmot, with over 4 million YouTube viewers around the world, leads a painting tutorial using my large diameter Goat and Synthetic Blend brush to create a street scene.

A little information about Tim:

“I’ve painted on and off all my life. I love watercolour. Most people say it’s the most difficult painting medium to use – after all if you make a mistake, that’s it. Do the same in oils, and you can paint over it. So it’s the challenge I think with watercolour to pull a painting off, but also it’s about some of the unique things you can do with watercolour that is difficult or impossible with say oils – e.g. try and do what they call ‘wet in wet’ in oils! I also love the spontaneity of watercolour and the speed at which you can work, often being able to complete a painting in under 2 hours. Also the freshness you can get with watercolour, the attempt to make one brush stroke work just right and it communicates exactly what I want.”

Source Tim’s web site.

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Internationally known Artist, Emily Olson creates truly amazing and highly intricate art with a wide range of subjects. Emily has over 800 thousand viewers on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Emily uses Lebenzon Paintbrushes brushes in an instructional video below.

Some information about Emily.

“Before my YouTube channel. Before winning art awards. Before being paid actual money for art commissions. There was a future artist full of fear.

I had always loved art and the artists who created it.

But being a mom in my 30’s, I felt I was late to the party.

I saw these INCREDIBLE artists whose skill and expertise seemed to flow effortlessly onto their canvas. They seemed to have been born to do this (and apparently taking art lessons since age 3!).

And because of their amazing “gifts”, I doubted whether I was even capable of creating art I loved and could be proud of.

But even though I had a perpetual fear of failing, my overwhelming desire to test my true artistic potential pushed me out of my comfort zone.”

Source Emily’s web site.

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Below Sade John, with about 600 thousand viewers around the world on YouTube, Instagram, Patreon and beyond, demonstrates some of my brushes.

A little information about Sade

Sade is a watercolor artist, calligrapher and educator who believes that creativity is something inside of every person. Her painting courses have helped thousands of students discover the talent within themselves.

Source Sade’s web site.

Learn more about Sade’s tutorials and artworks at the following links:

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Internationally known Artist, Author, and Teacher Stephanie Law who creates magical and finely detailed fantasy scenes demonstrates Lebenzon Paintbrushes Stiff White Synthetic and Goat and Synthetic Blend brushes

A little about Stephany’s art from her web site:

“Stephanie Law’s images trace the boundary between dream and reality. She delves into the pictorial language of allegory, explores mythology in new contexts, chases tiny worlds of wonder from an insect’s viewpoint, and highlights the beauty of growth and decay found in nature. She interweaves texture, watercolor, gold and silver leaf, ink, and creates intricate layered pieces with resin and custom designed frames. In a meld of organic patterns and familiar archetypes, her paintings pose a question on the nature of perception and beauty, and it is against this backdrop that the ephemeral guides and strange creatures dance and beckon the viewer to follow through her various series.”

Source Stephanie’s web site.

Stephanie has around half a million viewers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and beyond around the world . Learn more about Stephanie’s tutorials and artworks at the following links:

Stephanie’s Art on Instagram.

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Internationally known Artist, Teacher and Author, Angela Fehr creates amazing art with a wide range of subjects. Angela has over 7 million viewers on YouTube and is a contemporary star in the art world.

In the video below Angela uses Lebenzon Paintbrushes Goat and Synthetic Blend brushes to create sunflowers in motion. In addition at the end of the video is an interview where Angela and myself talk about brushes and what is distinctive in my brushes. Angela’s painting is something to experience with all of its nuances.

Some information about Angela:

“I first picked up a watercolor brush as a shy teenager newly returned to Canada. During my teen years I’d lived with my family in a remote village in Papua New Guinea, and the solitude had cemented a passion for art that I was excited to pursue. In that first class, I quickly realized that watercolor was a perfect fit for me. There is something about the fluidity of pairing paint and water and allowing them to “collaborate” on a page that is so captivating. It’s never boring, and always unexpected.”

“Along the way, I realized that I wanted something more for my paintings than simply to copy what I could see with my eyes. I wanted to show my heart in my paintings, to pair the beauty of the world with a loose, intuitive, heart-led style. I didn’t know if I could accomplish that goal, but as I painted, I discovered “light bulb moments;” new ideas that I just had to tell someone. I started recording these glimpses of inspiration on video for YouTube, and found that my honesty as a lifelong student of watercolor and love for the medium encouraged others to pursue their own heart-led watercolor style.”

Source Angela’s web site.

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Internationally known Artist, Teacher, and Author, Robyn McClendon combines a wide variety of techniques to produce one of a kind, beautiful artworks which she then blends into full books where each page is a one of a kind collage. She shares this process to teach others how to perform the wide variety of techniques she mastered.

Robyn has over 700 thousand viewers on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Robyn and i talk about my one of a kind brushes in a recent interview below.

Some information about Robyn:

“Robyn is a highly accomplished international artist and business coach, she has an intuitive coaching venture “The Holy Grail Program .” Which is a part of her ArtMythos: Project, using this system for over 30 years, Robyn has trained artists and creative professionals. Her Holy Grail is a process of communication and visualization that helps artists focus and organically find their visual language and brand themselves. She has worked with several high-profile people including Dionne Warwick, Susan L. Taylor, editor of Essence Magazine; Ed and Carolyn Lewis, owners of Essence Publications; Dorothy Height, and Terrie Williams, author/publicist.”

“Trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Method, she is a Reiki Master working with clients to move and unblock creative energy, helping them get to the foundation of who they are as artists and creative(s). She uses her knowledge of energy flow as a life force to obtain a visual experience so artists and creatives can clearly answer personal direction and style questions.”

Source Robyn’s web site.

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Internationally known Artist, Irit Landgraf is an extraordinarily talented artist. She has a remarkable sense of color and form and paints in a wide variety of styles. Irit has over 2.5 million viewers on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook and below she demonstrates Lebenzon Paintbrushes in an instructional video.

Below is a little from Irit’s biography. Her art very compelling and her background is even more so. You can find the full content at the link a little down the page:

How Art Came Back Into My Life

“​As a creative child, I was always drawing, sketching and asking to attend art classes. But, I was also sensible and serious. I grew up with a family that valued professions which granted you a comfortable life and a reliable income. Secondary to those values, my family enjoyed hobbies. Art was a hobby.​”

“I continued sketching and painting, but I studied math, chemistry and physics, so I could go to university and become a doctor, an engineer or, what I thought when I was in high school would be a good choice, an architect—a “sensible” profession. Conversations with my parents and grandparents led to an agreement that being an architect could satisfy a desire for creativity while remaining a “good” reliable profession.”

How I learned to paint with watercolors as a self-taught artist:

“Unlike the detailed plan I’d had when it came to learning medicine, learning to paint with watercolors was a brand new challenge. I had no idea where to start, what exactly I really needed to learn or from whom I might learn.

From online classes and from books, I sought anything I could get, and I was lucky to find some inspiring teachers. Being home with small kids in a small village meant I couldn’t easily enroll in an in-person art school. I had very little time to learn, and it had to be on my schedule.

Instructional books and online learning became great resources for me, but I became a little too focused on the details. I shopped for exactly the same supplies my teachers used, assembled color palettes that included “must have” colors, only transparent colors, only single pigment colors . . . . So many rules.

So many warnings about losing the light or making a flat painting. Only use watercolors. Always sketch. Don’t sketch. Never use white, never use black, only use primary colors, on and on.

It took me a long time to find focus and trust myself. I came to realize it is not just about techniques; it is about a state of mind. I learned flexibility and finding my own way. Technique was and is important, no doubt. But for every rule in art, there are artists that break them and still make beautiful artwork. I began rejecting teachers that only saw one way to do things, and I embraced instructors who encouraged me to go my own way and experiment.”

Source Irit’s web site.

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Internationally known Artist, Author, and Teacher Liron Yanconsky creates captivating art with a wide range of subjects. Liron has over 6 million viewers on YouTube and is one of the contemporary stars in the art world. Liron uses Lebenzon Paintbrushes Brown Synthetic brush as part of an instructional video on painting statues in the video below.

Some background on Liron:

Liron Yankonsky was born in Israel in 1990, under the gulf war’s bombing sounds. Luckily he survived it, and has been drawing ever since he could hold a crayon.

At age six, it was already clear that Liron had an intuitive understanding of different art concepts, as reflected in his perfect recreations of Dr. Seuss’s books, in his spare time.

Growing up, Liron served in the IDF, receiving numerous certificates of excellence for his duty. Throughout the years, Liron kept cultivating his art and drawing talent, while teaching other people the things he learned.

Today, his biggest passions are drawing, self development and helping other people.

Liron has published five books on the topics of art and drawing.

Source: A review of Liron.

Learn more about Liron’s tutorials and artworks at the following links:

Liron’s Art on Instagram.

Liron’s Art on YouTube.

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Internationally known Artist, Anna Bilal, of Anna’s Creative Art creates beautiful art with a wide range of subjects. Anna has over half a million viewers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and beyond. Anna uses Lebenzon Paintbrushes Large diameter Goat & Synthetic brush as part of an instructional video below.

Anna uses her art to speak. The art is amazing, enchanting, and takes your imagination to places you don’t want to leave. Some of the work is about transitions in many senses of the term and some is about portraits that take your breath. Take a look at Anna’s YouTube Videos or her other web pages to see a number of examples. Watching Anna’s creative process is an opportunity to view mastery at work.

Learn more about Anna’s tutorials and artworks at the following links:

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Anna’s Art on YouTube.

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Internationally known Artist and Teacher Charlie Tefft is a college teacher who has thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook plus has taught Pottery to thousands of students. Charlie uses Lebenzon Paintbrushes to help create his beautifully glazed pottery.

A video of Charlie creating some delightful work is below. It is both very informative and shows some of his teaching skills and entertaining to see the amazing work come to life.

Some information about Charlie:

“Charlie moved back to Greensboro, NC in 1999 to teach ceramics at his alma mater Guilford College. What he thought would be a semester long appointment has turned into 2 decades. This half time teaching position left Charlie with three days a week in his personal studio.

Over the last 20 years Charlie has grown his business and family. Along with his wife Danielle, he has 3 wonderful kids.”

Source Charlie’s web site.

Learn more about Charlie’s tutorials and artworks at the following links:

Charlie’s Art on Instagram.

Charlie’s Art on Facebook.

Charlie’s Web Site.

Internationally known Artist, Patti Tolley Parish creates beautiful and unique collages using a combination of techniques that combine Gellli printing, calligraphy and abstract art techniques together to create highly intricate abstract art. Patti has over 1.4 million viewers on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Patti uses Lebenzon Paintbrushes brushes in an instructional video below to demonstrate the ink holding capability of one of my brushes.

Patty is an “amateur” artist who has been creating art much of her life, and making YouTube videos going back almost a decade. Patti is a cancer survivor and one of the kindest spirits you could meet. She has a passion for experimenting with art and has a creative process that is best described as highly energetic. In that way she is like everyone everywhere who creates, except that she’s really, really good at it and has become known around the world for her remarkable creative skills.

Learn more about Patti’s tutorials and artworks at the following links:

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Ceramic Artist and Teacher, Simon Leach has a long background in creating amazing pottery in his studio and offering his works around the world. Simon has over 10 million viewers on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Simon uses Lebenzon Paintbrushes brushes in an instructional video below.

A little of Simon’s background:  “Growing up surrounded by a family of potters, I draw on those early influences: the work of my Father, (David Leach), and Grandfather, (Bernard Leach), Japanese and Korean art. I have assimilated my surroundings; therefore my work has become a natural expression of what is personal to me. I find the ongoing challenge of discovering my own visual language and voice as a potter both exciting and rewarding.  It is a lifetime journey.  — Simon Leach.

Source Simon’s his web site.

Learn more about Simon’s tutorials and artworks at the following links:

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