What makes Lebenzon Paintbrushes different?

Note:  Please see down the page a bit for current shipping time and other news.

Lebenzon Paintbrushes are all 100% hand created with quality, performance, and comfort as the key priorities. The brushes are a delight to hold and use.

Each brush is a one of a kind creation that takes 50+ steps to make. My brushes are innovative and offer revolutionary performance in a number of ways. The end result is a high performance and high quality brush that’s unlike any other.

Check out two of my most popular and revolutionary brushes: Goat and Synthetic Blend (click here) and Silver Fox (click here) brushes. I’m the only maker of these and many other revolutionary brushes.

My brushes are works of art for making works of art.

Lebenzon Paintbrushes have been widely reviewed by artists around the world! I checked recently and found there are almost 900 videos made by a number of artists. You can find these videos and more by doing a search for Lebenzon Paintbrushes with your favorite browser.

My entire brush line provides the ideal blend of responsiveness, delightful performance and comfort. I’m the only brush maker that makes brushes that are comfortable to hold. My brushes are a pleasure to hold and designed to make it easy to shape your sweetest creations. Artists from around the world who care about quality, performance, and comfort love my brushes. Click here to read some things customers write about my brushes.

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Lebenzon Paintbrushes are made to last. I offer a Lifetime Warranty for Materials and Workmanship. Click here for information. Note this opens in a new tab.

Here is a sampling of in depth video information and tutorials with some internationally known artists who use my brushes. Click here to see a short listing of videos.

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Updated 4-19-23

A few notes…

Hurray! After a flood of orders coming in over the last 7 months, I’m all but caught up! Many thanks to all who ordered and very patiently waited for your brushes!!!

Thanks also to the many who visited my exhibit at the ACC Baltimore and NCECA conference and to the thousands who visit my web site!

Now I have some time to implement a number of improvements to help with production, shipping, and communication related needs.

I’m a one person brush maker, shipper, web site maintainer and traveling art show exhibitor.

Currently the time span between order and shipping is about 2 weeks.

My web site has been visited by artists from most of our planet. I ship brushes to artists across the USA and to almost 50 other countries. I’m deeply touched that my brushes have found homes in so many places!! Due to this I offer US and International shipping by way of USPS and FedEx. For shipping in the USA i use USPS Priority Mail.

***Due to the rising cost of everything, there will be a small price increase for my offerings beginning in February, ’23. My primary shipper, the US Postal Service, plans to increase shipping costs this month. The shipping cost increase will be published as soon as possible after USPS announces them.

As of 3-28, i have not had time to implement price changes, but will start the process right after i complete current orders. Because I’m over-loaded with projects, it will take me a while to update prices. If you want to avoid the increase, order before the new prices are published.

For deliveries to destinations outside the USA, I use USPS First Class International Mail. This option is the least expensive around and can deliver to just about anywhere. Insurance is optional and strongly recommended. USPS First Class International Mail can take to around a month to get to you. FedEx is quicker but at a greater cost. Contact me at [email protected] for more information. All of my brushes ship from Seattle, WA, USA.

Check out my latest brushes with 1/2″ inch long bristles (below), plus some other new brushes. Click on the name and the information will be displayed in new tab.

Itty Bitty diameter Siberian Elk

Small diameter Siberian Elk

Itty Bitty diameter Orange Synthetic

Russian Sable

Special Edition Russian Sable

Brown Synthetic

Small diameter Goat Hair

Medium diameter Goat Hair

Lebenzon Paintbrushes Magic Paper is the perfect reusable practice tool to help polish technique, play, and use as a portable creative platform. Magic Paper will last for years.

Explore the site today to see all the elements that make Lebenzon Paintbrushes so popular with artists of all skill levels.

Check out my notes on how to break in a paintbrush (Click here). My brushes are designed to hold a remarkable amount of paint or ink. The process improves the performance of any brush.

You can scroll down to see some of my best sellers and brushes listed by category.

Best Sellers

Calligraphy Brushes

Calligraphy Brushes

Brushes For Aqueous Acrylics, Inks, & Watercolor

Brushes for Watercolor, Inks, Aqueous Acrylics

Brushes for Potters

Brushes for Potters

Natural Hair Brushes

Goat & Synthetic Blend Brushes
Siberian Elk Brushes
Kolinsky Sable Brushes
Russian Sable Brushes
Silver Fox Brushes
Goat Hair Brushes
Sabeline Hair Brushes
Moose Hair Brushes
Deer Hair Brushes
Boar Hair Brushes
Pony Hair Brushes
Mountain Goat Brushes

Brushes With Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic Sable Brushes
Brown Synthetic Brushes
Stiff-ish Orange Synthetic Brushes
Stiff White Synthetic Brushes

Alphabetical Listing of Brush Categories