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The site includes over 200 different offerings of my hand made brushes & reusable Magic Paper™ practice cloth. Click around and take some time to explore.

Site development will continue to smooth out some rough edges. Of course I’ll be adding photos for the offerings with an “Image Coming Soon” note.

I would appreciate your feedback. If you see a typo or think something could use a description or a better one, kindly let me know about it. There is a contact form toward the bottom of this page or you can send me an email at information@lebenzon-paintbrushes.com.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy and buy some fabulous brushes and Magic Paper!

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Natural Hair Brushes

Goat & Synthetic Blend Brushes
Siberian Elk Brushes
Kolinsky Sable Brushes
Russian Sable Brushes
Silver Fox Brushes
Goat Hair Brushes
Sabeline Hair Brushes
Moose Hair Brushes
Deer Hair Brushes
Boar Hair Brushes
Pony Hair Brushes
Mountain Goat Brushes

                         Brushes With Synthetic Fibers

Soft White Synthetic Brushes
Brown Synthetic Brushes
Stiff-ish Orange Synthetic Brushes
Stiff White Synthetic Brushes

Most Popular Brushes

Alphabetical Listing of Brush Categories

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