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Brown Synthetic Brush Set With Half Inch Long Bristle

$115.00 $115.00

  • Brown Synthetic Brush Set
  • Handles include bamboo cane and Wangi bamboo
  • Handle color may be yellow, brown, or green
  • Bristle length is about 1/2″
  • Style Code: BrnSyn100012SMW


My Brown Synthetic brushes are among my most popular. The Brown Synthetic bristle is made from a specialized grade of synthetic fibers that behave a lot like goat hair except it’s stiffer. The fibers are textured and tapered to provide smooth delivery of all types of painting media. The small diameter brushes may be a little soft for heavily loaded Gel Acrylics and Oils but otherwise these are excellent for all applications.

The Brown Synthetic brushes offer excellent performance in all sizes and give great snap and feedback As you can see they also have ultra-fine tips. In addition, my synthetic bristles are resilient and have great longevity.

The Brown Synthetic brushes excel with watercolors, inks, aqueous and heavy body acrylics, ceramic glazes and oxides and oils.

The half inch long bristle is ideal for lettering and any work requiring tight control of the brush.

Another detail that is great about my Synthetic brushes is that they are highly resistant to even the harshest brush cleaners. This makes them very well suited for oils, for example, because they resist the wear many natural hair brushes experience with harsh cleaners.

The brush set includes a small, medium, medium wangi handle, and large brushes.

Note that my brushes are handmade, and so there are no two which are completely identical. When you order, the handle color may be dark brown, yellow, or something in between.