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Extra Large Diameter Deer Hair Brush with 3″ Long Bristle And Combined Wangi And Bamboo Cane Handle

$300.00 $300.00

  • Handle is bamboo cane and Wangi Bamboo
  • Handle length is about 9″ to 12″
  • Handle color varies.
  • Bristle length is about 3” long
  • Bristle diameter is about 12.5mm to 15mm
  • Style Code: DE10004WXL


My Deer Hair brushes are made from white tail deer. This is a about 3x the diameter of human hair at the base and tapers to a fine tip. The hair has a nice springiness to it and that makes it capable of holding more viscous paint such as gouache, as well as ink, watercolor, aqueous acrylic and tempura.

My extra large diameter, 3” long Deer Hair brush is great for organic curves and lines, plus great for hatching and cross hatching and washes.

The handle is a blend of Wangi for the handle part and a large segment of Bamboo for the Bristle holding part. The bristle diameter is about 12.5mm to 15mm The Wangi part is a rare, very light imported bamboo root known as Wangi bamboo. This handle is hand carved and oiled. It is very soft to the touch and light in the hand. You can spend all day using it.

It is popular among people who like long organic curves, hatches and cross hatches. The unique design of the brush also produced very fine organic lines and its good for washes in smaller areas. It is also a fabulous drip brush.

This brush is a work of art onto itself, and one exquisite brush to work with. It is is a workhorse designed to last for many years.

Some important notes

  • To see information about the bristle diameter Click here. Note the link opens in a new tab.
  • Check with my note about brush sizes to find how I size the brushes.
  • My brushes are handmade, and so there are no two which are completely identical. When you order, the handle color may be dark brown, yellow, or something in between.
  • If you have a specific request, let me know on a note when you get to the checkout. My brushes are all one of kind creations. The handle color and length will vary with the bamboo I use at the time. I’ll match the brush up to your request as close as I can. Note that unless you provide a note, I will not accept returns due to issues related to the handle color or length.
  • I keep a good supply of brushes on hand. I sell up to hundreds of brushes at a show and due to this I run out of some brush types from time to time. If I don’t have one in stock at the time of your order I will let you know.
  • If I’m at a show, delivery of your order may be delayed by about a week. I will let you know if that’s the case. I check orders almost every day.

Additional information

Weight .6 oz
Dimensions 19 × 2 × 2 in
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