I have had a fortunate path at art shows and artist conferences and been invited to many top rated juried art events and related across the USA.

Art Shows ended due to COVID-19 during March of 2020 and they have been slow to recover. Shortly after the onset of Covid I started a new path by asking for the help of a few artists to demonstrate my brushes on their social media platforms. This led to growing number of artists who show and work with my my brushes.

Since i started this new path, i’ve sent thousands of brushes to artists in well over 50 countries.

As a result, some customers send me some very kind comments.

Someone suggested that i publish a sampling of these comments for your review. So a few examples are below. They arranged with the  most recent at the top of the list, and going backward in time down the page to when i first started to promote my brushes on the web.


Hi Tracy,

Just wanted to let you know I got my brushes today and they are perfect!

Chiara D. 3-2024


Hello from SW Florida!!!

I love love love your brushes! My hands (and entire body) don’t ache when I use them and the flexibility of going from pinpoint application to wide fluid or dry brush amazes me. The freedom the longer hair-length brushes give to my mark making vs control with shorter brushes makes such a difference in the results. I don’t know how you do it, but please, don’t stop. They don’t “back up” color so they’re so easy to take care of, and like any “fine” item they just need to be taken care of as you would, say, a fur coat or a piece of crystal, when cleaning them. Easy peasy, but they’ll take a beating too.

Thank you for your commitment to this essential art tool and craft and the dedication you clearly put into each and every one. Using recycled hair/fur is brilliant … I’m tempted by all of them. They’re looking me in the eye as I type, saying “me, me, me … I must be used/purchased next!” You are gifted, and a gift to all artists. I wish I lived near where you’ll be visiting ❤️

I don’t post much but please know you are a part of every piece I make. I think I may want to add one of your palm-sized ergonomic brushes to my rotation; besides helping my hand I think it would create an entirely new vista in my arting.

Thank you, so much,

Karen M. 3-2024


Thank you for your email. I received my brush and love it!!!  So much so I had my son buy me another for my birthday. Love both of them!!  Thank you so much.

Sachi L. 3-2024


Thank you Tracy.   What a great newsletter and videos.   I love my brushes and I have given a special brush to my artist friend too.

Kathy D. 3-2024


The few brushes I have of yours are awesome. I have some for watercolor and some for oils. They are so unique, and beautifully made! Thank you so much,

Michelle M. 3-2024



I just wanted to let you know that I love my goat/synthetic blend brush! It is beautifully crafted and paints details way beyond my expectations!

Thank you for a beautifully crafted tool!

Keith W. 2-2024


Dear Mr. Lebenzon,

Thank you. My new paintbrush arrived in good order. I have already been painting, the most beautiful watercolor trees with it.


Paula M. 2-2024


Oh Tracy, the paint brushes arrived today and I am absolutely over the moon in love with them! They’re not only gorgeous, but respond perfectly to my loose and intuitive style. I’m so happy! Thank you so, so very much!

Susie W. 2-2024


Hi Tracy

I got my brushes! They are WONDERFUL and were worth the wait.

Warm Regards

Nancy D. 1-2024


Dear Tracy,

Thank you for sending the paintbrush that I ordered! It arrived in carefully-packed condition! It was wonderful to use it tonight to paint with watercolors.

Thank you for creating a beautifully crafted brush!


Faith W. 1-2024


HI Tracy

I received the beautiful brushes and I am delighted.  Thanks so much.

Carolyn O. 1-2024


Dearest Tracy,

Got home late last night, after a 36 h. trek home, and could barely restrain myself from going out to the mailbox, until this morning, to pick the awaiting package from Lebenzon Brushes.

This morning, awaking early, I went out to collect your parcel.

…I then prolonged the delight of unboxing by forcing myself to put this huge mailing tube aside (what in the world could possibly necessitate such a tube for a small brush, he wondered?). Cracking up the anticipation level, I proceeded to make a fire,  few up a matcha, and settle in to my chair for this wonder full event.


Even this ‘piece of paper’ elicits true wonderment.

My recollection of “magic paper“ from the Baltimore show, some 40 years ago, we’re little index card sized rectangles, that one could make a few marks on. Little did I anticipate this beautiful sheet of magic that will allow me to practice making strokes without restraint, to my hearts content, without ‘wasting’ sheet after sheet of decent paper to get the hang of making the marks that your magic brushes will allow.

….and then these TWO new brushes!

I’m somewhat of a tool/fine object, fine craftsmanship junkie. Having spent a good part of this life as a craftsman, I truly appreciate everything that is finely made….sadly, a growing rarity in this modern age.

Forgive my extensive rambling, however I’m looking to create a context for the humble words ‘thank you’. Not only for these gifts, and the outstanding quality of craftsmanship they represent, but also for the generosity of your “good will” gifts.

I have the full set laid out in front of me; the Goat and Synthetic blend magic wand, the Silver Fox, and now the Siberian fr*@@en Elk, and the Russian Sable!!!!!

I know it’s easily possible to get accustomed to ‘ordinary magic’, particularly after having produced 50.000 of these little wonders. And for someone accustomed to dropping a few hundred dollars on ‘an other toy’. However, for this craftsman, living a life of voluntary simplicity, it’s truly a wonder full, and wondrous indulgent  gift to have afforded myself for my 75th bday. The ‘delayed’ fulfilment; amplified by your generous gift, has only served to highten the appreciation and delight of the experience.

Ok, I’ll stop now, and trust that you’ve gotten the message.

I’ll send this off, go lay out my magic paper, fill a jar w “clean water”, as per detailed instruction, (a blessing from the creek on the property), load up my vape with a bud of this year’s vintage, and indulge in a session of practicing making bamboo stalks, with my bamboo wands.

In gratitude,

Achille L. 12-2023


Hi Tracy,

My brushes arrived today! I am so pleased with them! I’ve given them a little test run and they really are magical! I’m going to thoroughly enjoy using them and will definitely order more when I’ve saved up a bit to treat myself.

I just wanted to thank you for making such wonderful things Regards

Debbie C. 9-2023


Hi, Tracy.  Today I was using the brushes I bought from you awhile back and thought, “Wow, I’m so glad I have these!”  So I thought I’d drop you a note of thanks.  Your brushes are always out front and center in my workspace, and I’m always reaching for them.  They really are wonderfully responsive and keep a lovely point.  I’m self-taught and still very much an amateur, so it’s a real treat to use a brush that feels like it’s helping me get down on the paper exactly what I want.

Thanks again, and best wishes!

Rebecca C. 6-2023


Hi Tracy,

Thanks for taking the time to update your fans. Sounds like you’ve been crazy busy for a while. I’m so pleased to hear of your success, well-deserved!

I love my newest brush that I bought last year, the Rhizome Goat Synthetic Blend. I keep it in a small basket in my studio so I can look at it every day, such a beautiful little work of art. I wanted it for making thicker marks, which it does, but what surprised me was how thin a line I could make with the tip. It’s a wonderful, versatile tool.

Thanks for being the magnificent maker that you are!

Good Fortune to you,

Kyle O. 5-2023



      Wow—thank you so much—this brush is awesome! The more I use it, the more I like it! Definitely a superb detail brush, I can make these super fine lines so easily, nice thick, comfy handle—bamboo just looks so cool, even has a small branch for hanging up when dry. So of course now I want another of your fine art brushes, this time I think a large diam. brush—it will be a birthday gift for myself as I turn 66 so I have to wait until early Mar. to order. In the meantime I’ll certainly enjoy using this beauty—well, as soon as I get some more 100% cotton 140 lb. paper for play/practice. I have a block of Stonehenge 300 lb. but I’m not worthy of that yet, still have lots to learn.

 So thanks again for such a great brush, I’ll be in touch again soon to order…another masterpiece to paint with. I just gotta learn watercolors😅! Have a wonderful day….

Mike C. 2-2023


Tracy, my paint brushes arrived today and as usual they’re beautiful. I also love the magic painting cloth. It actually works! Thanks for the pretty art supplies.

Paula M. 7-2023

I just wanted to say a quick thank you. The craftsmanship is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to use it!

Juel T. 3-2023


Hi Tracy, l received  the brushes and am so happy with them. Beautiful and extremely responsive! Thank you so much!

Lois S. 1-2023


Hi Tracy!! Thank you sooo much! I just received my order and I am sooooo excited, these brushes are not only beautiful but a dream to work with! I love all the different varieties of hair/texture/length and the handles are so much fun!!

Thank you for altering my order, I guess I really wanted that brush:) haha

I see you’re in Seattle, I grew up and spent most of my life in Olympia! I hope all is well in Washington and thank you again so much! You are Incredible with all you do! 😍😍

I forgot to order the magic paper so I’m sure you’ll see another order from me!

Soooo many blessings to you!!

Shantel O. 1-2023


Hello & happy new year.  I received my brushes & they look beautiful.   Well worth the wait.   Thanks.

Val D. 1-2023


Good morning!

I just placed my order…I HAD to have one of the Wangi handles.  They are physically so beautiful, and I am nearing 50, so I am sure my hand and wrists will appreciate it as well.  I also decided to go with the 1.25″ bristle length as I am still learning and do not paint on a large scale…yet.

Next purchase will be to try one of the brushes with orange bristles that Irit seems to paint with most of all.

Thanks again…can’t wait to have some fun with these fabulous brushes!

Barbara B. 1-2023


Hi Tracy

Just a note of thanks for making my brushes. Not only are they neat to look at and handle, they paint like a dream. Appreciate the care instructions you included.

Carol S. 1-2023


I got my new brush and I just love it!! Thank you so much!

Lorayne M. 12-2022


My wife is a watercolorist and has been dying to try one of your brushes for a long time, so the wait will be worth it for us both. Please take all the time you need. Thank you for the reply.

As an aside, your brushes are beautiful and, according to my wife’s research, seem to be some of the best made today. Were I closer to WA I’d ask if I could come and observe your process. Congratulations on your success! I’m very much looking forward to my wife’s reaction when they arrive.

Take care and thanks again,

Dan Y. 12-2022


Dear Tracy Lebenzon,

Thank you so much for making these amazing brushes, they’re so beautiful! I’m so grateful for your hard work making these brushes.

Thank you so much. It came today and the packing method was a work of art. The instructions for warming up the brush is also invaluable. I look forward to using them.

NhungT 1-2023


Hi Tracy!!!

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE your brushes!!!!  They are magical!!!!  Thank you soooooo much!!!!



CHRIS H. 12-2022


Tracy – I just wanted to let you know how much I love your brushes. I have gotten three orders in the last year and not once been disappointed. These are not only my favourite brushes, but they have really emerged as a key element in developing my painting  style since I started to pursue watercolour as a creative outlet in 2020. Every time I pick up your brushes, I feel energized, and it brings life to my paintings.

Thank you again for your exquisite craftsmanship and sharing your talents. I hope some day you come to Canada (Toronto One of a Kind show?) or maybe Michigan so I can shop your supply in person!

Take care –

Joan B. 10-2022

Ontario, Canada


Hi Tracy!!!

I LOVE MY Orange Wangi brush from you!!!!!  You are a genius!!!!  I’m used to painting in oil and have been working in watercolor since covid began due to odors of oil.  My hands hurt and I LOVE WIDE HANDLES on my brushes.  I now use children grips around everything to save my hands!!!

Chris H. 10-2022


Hi Tracy,

My beautiful Lebenzon brushes arrived today. They are just beautiful to look at. They feel fantastic in my hand when I played with them this afternoon. They are perfection. Exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you so much.

Kindest regards

Bonnie F. 9-2022


Im loving my medium synthetic and looking forward to getting my new one

Karen F.,7-2022


Hi Tracy,

Can’t wait to use my new brush.  It’s lovely, a thing of beauty.

Appreciate the secure packing and instructions on first use and cleaning.

Carol T, 6-2022


Your brushes are very much like when I first tried 100% cotton paper, I don’t know how I painted without them

Kirara T, ID, 6-22



After my first brush order from you and now using it regularly I know why your busy.  I love the brush!

Keep making wonderful, wonderful brushes!

Amy H. 5-2022


Good morning  Tracy,

The brush arrived yesterday! It is gorgeous! OMG! I can’t believe the level of detail you can achieve with it… it is just perfect! The riggers I had bought in the past (which I hate with a passion) never allowed for such control yet gentle touch. Always either too stiff or so floppy you have no say on what the brush does.  This baby is amazing… I am so happy 😊.

Thanks a lot,

Patty C, TX, 4-22


Hi Tracy

thank you so much for your fantastic paint brushes, that made their way all the way to Switzerland!

All the best,

Corinne F. 2-2022

I asked my husband for one of your brushes for Christmas, and he bought me the large 1″ brush. I love it! I first saw your brushes on an Angela Fehr watercolor video. Thank you so much, I feel special when I use this brush now. 🙂

Cathy C., FL, 2-22


Just a note to say thank you for an awesome brush. I received it today and used it immediately. It is even better than I expected. I love it!

Kathleen B., IL, 2-22


You were NOT KIDDING about how great the Siberian Elk brush is. I wouldn’t have even thought to try it if it hadn’t been in the small diameter set, but WOW.

Jessica R., MA, 2-22


Dear Mr. Lebenzon, I’m writing to you to let you know that I love my large, goat/synthetic brush. It was a Christmas gift from my daughter Sanah Joseph. Every time I use it, it fascinates my heart that someone’s hands have made this brush for me; and since I can put a face to those hands – well, that makes it even more special. Thank you so much for this lovely piece of art. I’m privileged to own one. 🙂

Shalini J. 2-2022

Regards, Shalini Joseph


Good morning!

I just wanted to tell you how much I absolutely love and appreciate my new brushes. If I had to choose one brush to use for the rest of my life it would be Wangi Goat Synthetic blend. It is just so responsive and holds paint wonderfully. Sometimes I don’t even feel like I’m actually painting myself… it just does all the work! lol! Thank you so much for creating these.

Krista G. NY, 10-2021


I am SO thrilled with my brushes! It took me til today to play be able to play with them. They are quite amazing & all the handles are terrific but those Wangi handles are perfection in the thickness & lightness. I have arthritis & didn’t realize how much the Wangi could help my hand. They are such a delight to use!

Thank you for making these wonderful brushes & I appreciate every detail! So grateful you put up a web site or I never would have found you.

Cathleen P. Colorado,  10-2021


I love these brushes! I have been struggling with working lighter and more expressively. The characteristics of your brushes hit all of the right marks to get me the extra steps I needed. Between the style and size of the handle, the “floppiness” of the brush bristles, and the amount of water they hold, they are absolute perfection. I immediately ordered 3 more brushes.

Angie P. Philomath, Oregon, 8-2021


Hi! I received my brush today and it was lovingly packaged with a lovely note,  even how to take care of my brushes.  I must admit,  I have paid a lot of money for my brushes and never knew how to break them in! I saw this brush being used by an artist on YouTube and had to have it.  I look forward to meeting you at the st James show.  Best of luck,

Lynn B. Louisville, KY, 8-2021



Seriously, it blew my expectations out of the galaxy. I am completely amazed. Plus the size is PERFECT. Thank you!

Jenny L. NH, 7-2021

(Jenny bought one of my small diameter Siberian Elk brushes.)


I purchased several brushes recently including one Wangi handle, goat and synthetic 3/4”. It is by far my favorite and I’m amazed at the difference it makes in my painting, it’s so much easier and faster to get the lines I want! I’m painting stain on top of glaze. I’ll definitely be investing in more of these brushes.

Marie L. PA, 7-2021


Dear Tracy,

My latest  order arrived today in Glasgow, without a hitch. A big thank you again for such beautiful pieces which I will love working with and discovering their unfolding personalities.

Warm wishes

Margaret, Scotland, 7-2021


I recently purchased one [of your brushes] and it is absolutely amazing!
The way it flows is incredible & holds a whole lot of paint…I am impressed!!!
So impressed I bought 4 more different brushes…can hardly wait until they arrive!! Tracy your work is absolutely “unique & one of a kind!”
Katherine R. AZ, USA, 5-2021



I am one of the potters who found your brushes in Ceramic Monthly. I would like to thank you for your beautiful product. It has taken my underglaze decorating to a new level. I am always pleased with the responsiveness of your brushes. I am finding that even some of my past favorite brushes are used less and less and I use your brushes more and more. Thank you again for your  fine craftsmanship.

Take care,

Barbara H. OR USA, 5-2021


I received my beautiful brush today and I just wanted you to know that I think it is exquisite!! I’ve given it a little test run and I can’t wait to use it for my watercolors. So well packaged and I really appreciate the instructions on caring for it, it is a little work of art in itself!

Thank you so much,

Laurie, Michigan, USA 3-2021


Hi Tracy.

I did some painting over the weekend with my new brushes. I love love love them. It made painting much more enjoyable. I felt like I didn’t have to work as hard to achieve the result I wanted.

I love the variety of strokes they provide and how much paint they hold in they’re bellies.

I am especially fond of the Siberian elk brushes. I am sure I will eventually purchase additional sizes.

Thank you!

Linda, WA USA 2-2021


Love my lebenzon brushes, are beautiful to look at and hold.”

Nancy B. 3-2021


I will forever be grateful for the freedom of expression the two beautiful, brilliantly handcrafted brushes I got from you have brought me. They truly have changed my life

Helen, Arizona, USA, 1-2021


Hello Tracy, Your brushes arrived this morning & they are fabulous!

Thank you,

Lydia, CA, 1-2021


Dear Tracy,

i just wanted you to know that the brushes have arrived safely. I am in total awe of these beautiful pieces! Each of them is an extraordinary artwork on its own. I just love the cute little details you put on them! I am looking very forward to use them on my paintings!

Thank you so much – you are doing a great job!

Greetings from Germany!

All the best!

Ina, Germany, 1-2021


Hello Tracy!

Just a quick note now, to let you know… the brushes have arrived, ahead of schedule, too!

The postman knocked on the door this morning, and boy… was I surprised!!! The sturdy cylinder canister is still unopened and very much intact; not even a scratch or dent on the outside. So very pleasantly surprised at the efficiency of the postal system in these rather challenging times. Thank you once again, Tracy.

Valsa, Singapore, 1-2021


I am so enjoying your brushes!

They have indeed changed the way I paint.

Thank you,

New Collector, Karen, Naples, FL, 1-2021



I just received the brushes I ordered from you.

First of all…..I must tell you how impressed I was with the packaging.  I knew from the second I saw the package, I had quality!

Now on the the brushes.  WOW!  Is all I can say!!  I read the enclosed letter and, first of all, I never in my 30+ years of painting, had ever learned how to condition a new brush. How helpful and important this information is and thank you!

I must admit, I have never purchased a watercolor brush that was over $25.  One I ordered from you was $50!  (A Christmas gift to myself)!  Worth every cent!!!

I just want to say I LOVE these brushes and the fact each one is handmade, makes them even more special.  You have a wonderful product, keep up the good work and you can be sure I’ll definitely be recommending your brushes to anyone who will listen.

Thank you!!

Janice P, SC, USA, 12-2020


Hi Tracy,

I just received my order and am in love with these brushes already! They are really so unique and lovely to use.

Thank you for the great care they were packaged with and the included information. Perhaps in the future I can try another brush or two!

Thanks again,

Dixie, Rimbey, Alberta, Canada 12-2020


The large delivery of paintbrushes arrived today.  They are fabulous.  Thanks for all your trouble.

Best, Tamra, New Orleans, LA, USA 11-2020


Kia Ora Tracy

I’ve just returned home after a week away and my parcel from you was here waiting to be opened.

I gasped when I saw the brush. It’s stunningly beautiful and an absolute work of art. I might even frame it! You are truly a superb craftsman and artist. Thank you so much and I will treasure the brush.

Stay safe and well in this topsy turvy world.

Thank you again

Best wishes

Lynn, Tauranga, New Zeland, 10-2010


I’ve been playing all day with my brushes, having a grand time! Have to babysit the grands tomorrow so have to wait a whole day…

Thank you for your excellent and beautiful brushes.

I V, Denver, CO, 10-2020



Well, thank you. I appreciate it and customer service is superb. I received my first order yesterday and the last brush today. I will be playing tonight.

They are beautiful.

Thank you again.

Sheri, Priest River, ID, USA, 9-2020


I received my brushes!! Thank You!!! I Love them!!

Thank You!!

Megara, Eden, NY, USA, 8-2020


Just a note to tell you I have been using your brushes, and they are wonderful! I love working with them, they keep their shape and hold a good amount of glaze/underglaze, or whatever I am using. It is nice to have such a superior product; I wish I had found them sooner!

Nancy, Tulalip, WA, USA, 5-2020


I got the brushes yesterday and wanted to do the proper prep/break in process and try them, and they are terrific.  Thank you so much for your prompt response and the great attention to detail that you put into your work.  I am sure that I will be contacting you again.

Susan Garcia, Waukesha, WI, USA, 7-2020