I have had a fortunate path at art shows and artist conferences and been invited to many top rated juried art events and related across the USA.

Art Shows ended due to COVID-19 during March of 2020. Shortly after that time I started a new path by asking for the help of a few artists to demonstrate my brushes on their social media platforms. This led to growing number of artists who show and work with my my brushes.

In about a year since i started this new path, i’ve sent brushes to artists in well over 40 countries.

As a result, some customers send me some very kind comments.

Someone recently suggested that i publish a sampling of these comments for your review. So a few examples are below. They arranged for the  most recent to be at the top of the list, and the bottom goes back to about a year ago, when i first started to promote my brushes on the web.


Your brushes are very much like when I first tried 100% cotton paper, I don’t know how I painted without them

Kirara T, ID, 6-22


Good morning  Tracy,

The brush arrived yesterday! It is gorgeous! OMG! I can’t believe the level of detail you can achieve with it… it is just perfect! The riggers I had bought in the past (which I hate with a passion) never allowed for such control yet gentle touch. Always either too stiff or so floppy you have no say on what the brush does.  This baby is amazing… I am so happy 😊.

Thanks a lot,

Patty C, TX, 4-22


I asked my husband for one of your brushes for Christmas, and he bought me the large 1″ brush. I love it! I first saw your brushes on an Angela Fehr watercolor video. Thank you so much, I feel special when I use this brush now. 🙂

Cathy C., FL, 2-22


Just a note to say thank you for an awesome brush. I received it today and used it immediately. It is even better than I expected. I love it!

Kathleen B., IL, 2-22


You were NOT KIDDING about how great the Siberian Elk brush is. I wouldn’t have even thought to try it if it hadn’t been in the small diameter set, but WOW.

Jessica R., MA, 2-22


Good morning!

I just wanted to tell you how much I absolutely love and appreciate my new brushes. If I had to choose one brush to use for the rest of my life it would be Wangi Goat Synthetic blend. It is just so responsive and holds paint wonderfully. Sometimes I don’t even feel like I’m actually painting myself… it just does all the work! lol! Thank you so much for creating these.

Krista G. NY, 10-2021


I am SO thrilled with my brushes! It took me til today to play be able to play with them. They are quite amazing & all the handles are terrific but those Wangi handles are perfection in the thickness & lightness. I have arthritis & didn’t realize how much the Wangi could help my hand. They are such a delight to use!

Thank you for making these wonderful brushes & I appreciate every detail! So grateful you put up a web site or I never would have found you.

Cathleen P. Grand Junction, Colorado,  10-2021


I love these brushes! I have been struggling with working lighter and more expressively. The characteristics of your brushes hit all of the right marks to get me the extra steps I needed. Between the style and size of the handle, the “floppiness” of the brush bristles, and the amount of water they hold, they are absolute perfection. I immediately ordered 3 more brushes.

Angie P. Philomath, Oregon, 8-2021


Hi! I received my brush today and it was lovingly packaged with a lovely note,  even how to take care of my brushes.  I must admit,  I have paid a lot of money for my brushes and never knew how to break them in! I saw this brush being used by an artist on YouTube and had to have it.  I look forward to meeting you at the st James show.  Best of luck,

Lynn B. Louisville, KY, 8-2021



Seriously, it blew my expectations out of the galaxy. I am completely amazed. Plus the size is PERFECT. Thank you!

Jenny L. Kensington, NH, 7-2021

(Jenny bought one of my small diameter Siberian Elk brushes.)


I purchased several brushes recently including one Wangi handle, goat and synthetic 3/4”. It is by far my favorite and I’m amazed at the difference it makes in my painting, it’s so much easier and faster to get the lines I want! I’m painting stain on top of glaze. I’ll definitely be investing in more of these brushes.

Marie L. New Bethlehem, PA, 7-2021


Dear Tracy,

My latest  order arrived today in Glasgow, without a hitch. A big thank you again for such beautiful pieces which I will love working with and discovering their unfolding personalities.

Warm wishes

Margaret, Glasgow, Scotland, 7-2021


I recently purchased one [of your brushes] and it is absolutely amazing!
The way it flows is incredible & holds a whole lot of paint…I am impressed!!!
So impressed I bought 4 more different brushes…can hardly wait until they arrive!! Tracy your work is absolutely “unique & one of a kind!”
Katherine R. AZ, USA, 5-2021



I am one of the potters who found your brushes in Ceramic Monthly. I would like to thank you for your beautiful product. It has taken my underglaze decorating to a new level. I am always pleased with the responsiveness of your brushes. I am finding that even some of my past favorite brushes are used less and less and I use your brushes more and more. Thank you again for your  fine craftsmanship.

Take care,

Barbara H. OR USA, 5-2021


I received my beautiful brush today and I just wanted you to know that I think it is exquisite!! I’ve given it a little test run and I can’t wait to use it for my watercolors. So well packaged and I really appreciate the instructions on caring for it, it is a little work of art in itself!

Thank you so much,

Laurie, Michigan, USA 3-2021


Hi Tracy.

I did some painting over the weekend with my new brushes. I love love love them. It made painting much more enjoyable. I felt like I didn’t have to work as hard to achieve the result I wanted.

I love the variety of strokes they provide and how much paint they hold in they’re bellies.

I am especially fond of the Siberian elk brushes. I am sure I will eventually purchase additional sizes.

Thank you!

Linda, Puyallup WA USA 2-2021


Love my lebenzon brushes, are beautiful to look at and hold.”

Nancy B. 3-2021


I will forever be grateful for the freedom of expression the two beautiful, brilliantly handcrafted brushes I got from you have brought me. They truly have changed my life

Helen, Arizona, USA, 1-2021


Hello Tracy, Your brushes arrived this morning & they are fabulous!

Thank you, Lydia

Lydia, Quebec, CA, 1-2021


Dear Tracy,

i just wanted you to know that the brushes have arrived safely. I am in total awe of these beautiful pieces! Each of them is an extraordinary artwork on its own. I just love the cute little details you put on them! I am looking very forward to use them on my paintings!

Thank you so much – you are doing a great job!

Greetings from Germany!

All the best!

Ina, Germany, 1-2021


Hello Tracy!

Just a quick note now, to let you know… the brushes have arrived, ahead of schedule, too!

The postman knocked on the door this morning, and boy… was I surprised!!! The sturdy cylinder canister is still unopened and very much intact; not even a scratch or dent on the outside. So very pleasantly surprised at the efficiency of the postal system in these rather challenging times. Thank you once again, Tracy.

Valsa, Singapore, 1-2021


I am so enjoying your brushes!

They have indeed changed the way I paint.

Thank you,

New Collector, Karen , Naples, FL, 1-2021



I just received the brushes I ordered from you.

First of all…..I must tell you how impressed I was with the packaging.  I knew from the second I saw the package, I had quality!

Now on the the brushes.  WOW!  Is all I can say!!  I read the enclosed letter and, first of all, I never in my 30+ years of painting, had ever learned how to condition a new brush. How helpful and important this information is and thank you!

I must admit, I have never purchased a watercolor brush that was over $25.  One I ordered from you was $50!  (A Christmas gift to myself)!  Worth every cent!!!

I just want to say I LOVE these brushes and the fact each one is handmade, makes them even more special.  You have a wonderful product, keep up the good work and you can be sure I’ll definitely be recommending your brushes to anyone who will listen.

Thank you!!

Janice P, Bluffton, SC, USA, 12-2020


Hi Tracy,

I just received my order and am in love with these brushes already! They are really so unique and lovely to use.

Thank you for the great care they were packaged with and the included information. Perhaps in the future I can try another brush or two!

Thanks again,

Dixie, Rimbey, Alberta, CA 12-2020


The large delivery of paintbrushes arrived today.  They are fabulous.  Thanks for all your trouble.

Best, Tamra, New Orleans, LA, USA 11-2020


Kia Ora Tracy

I’ve just returned home after a week away and my parcel from you was here waiting to be opened.

I gasped when I saw the brush. It’s stunningly beautiful and an absolute work of art. I might even frame it! You are truly a superb craftsman and artist. Thank you so much and I will treasure the brush.

Stay safe and well in this topsy turvy world.

Thank you again

Best wishes

Lynn, Tauranga, New Zeland, 10-2010


I’ve been playing all day with my brushes, having a grand time! Have to babysit the grands tomorrow so have to wait a whole day…

Thank you for your excellent and beautiful brushes.

I V, Denver, CO, 10-2020



Well, thank you. I appreciate it and customer service is superb. I received my first order yesterday and the last brush today. I will be playing tonight.

They are beautiful.

Thank you again.

Sheri, Priest River, ID, USA, 9-2020


I received my brushes!! Thank You!!! I Love them!!

Thank You!!

Megara, Eden, NY, USA, 8-2020


Just a note to tell you I have been using your brushes, and they are wonderful! I love working with them, they keep their shape and hold a good amount of glaze/underglaze, or whatever I am using. It is nice to have such a superior product; I wish I had found them sooner!

Nancy, Tulalip, WA, USA, 5-2020


I got the brushes yesterday and wanted to do the proper prep/break in process and try them, and they are terrific.  Thank you so much for your prompt response and the great attention to detail that you put into your work.  I am sure that I will be contacting you again.

Susan Garcia, Waukesha, WI, USA, 7-2020