Web Site Updates and Additions

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As of 12-21 I  added a toll free line (USA Only for now) 1-833-917-2665 to provide toll free phone access.

On 12-21, i updated the Categories A-Z content on the home page and added or improved the explanations for each category used at the site.

On 12-19 and 12-20 i added about 20 new photos.

As of 12-19, a mere 3 weeks since first publishing the site, people from all over the USA plus 24+ other countries have been by to check out the most responsive brushes anywhere. Due to this wide interest, I added what is called a CDN service for the site. A CDN is a Content Delivery Network that stores the most frequently used pages at 40+ server farms around the USA and the world and helps to improve the site’s performance.

12-2, Site development will continue to smooth out some rough edges and add content and explanations. I’ll be adding photos for the offerings with an “Image Coming Soon” note.

The site was first published around the first of December, 2019.

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