Lebenzon Paintbrushes offers the highest performance brushes available.

Every other paintbrush manufacturer claims their brushes are “hand made.” Really? They offer obviously machine made ferrules, injection molded and obviously machine made handles and the bristles are made in a way that causes the great majority of brushes to fall apart very quickly.

These are brushed offered “for the cost.”

The manufacturers know that brand loyalty will encourage you to buy again and again and so they design their brushes to not last very long.

A lot of artist have been conditioned to expect a short brush life as normal for an artist paintbrush. What is even worse, the performance of these kinds of brushes is, well, not so great. In the end, without your even knowing it, the brush is designed to interfere with you.

You have options.

My brushes come with a lifetime materials and workmanship warranty and a 30 day return policy.

Each element of my brushes is expertly hand crafted by my own hands. One look proves that quality, performance and comfort are the goals.

I offer over 200 unique brush designs that gives you just the right feel in your hand, and just the right responsiveness when using any painting material.

My brushes are designed to hold more liquid than other brushes so you can concentrate on the creativity

My brush handles are made from selected pieces of age cured bamboo cane and root material. Bamboo is very light in the hand, uniquely delightful to the touch and lasts for decades with reasonable care.

I offer 16 different types of bristle materials. 12 are from natural hair materials and 4 are from synthetic filaments.

Natural hair is very stable. There are countless examples of fully intact natural hair that are several thousands of years old going back to ancient Egypt and beyond. Plus there are many examples of hair going back up to 10s of thousands of years which have been found from the Arctic to the equator.

I re-purpose and up-cycle most of the hair materials I use. Much of it comes from estate sales and the equivalent. What was once someone’s treasure eventually finds its way to storage and then to an estate sale. That’s where I get most of the hair for my brushes.

Hair that comes from Goats, Oxen and Ponies are renewable resources. The animals only receive a haircut.

I like to joke that the synthetic filaments I use come from Unicorns who visit my studio in the Spring and let me comb out their winter coats. In reality I source the materials from groups who make the highest quality bristle materials for artist paintbrushes. I offer four types of synthetic filaments which range from very subtle and soft to material which is very springy. All of them have etched and tapered filaments and tips.

Materials I use are environmentally responsible.

Bamboo is collected mostly from Seattle area homes. I place adds on Craig’s List and offer to clean out groves in trade for the bamboo. The homeowner ends up with a pretty bamboo grove that looks like it is a painting that’s come to life, and I get a trailer full of bamboo.

I recycle the bamboo dust created by sanding. It makes great lawn fertilizer.

Thousands of people have said my brushes are “works of art that make works of art” and that they are “like Ollivander’s wands” from the Harry Potter series.

If you are looking for an unmatched high-quality, great performing and darn nice looking brush, you‘ve found it.

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