Brushes with Moose Hair Bristles

My Moose Hair Brushes are unique and one of the best for long sensuous lines, dry brush and ceramics applications.

Yes, Moose Hair.

Moose Hair is fairly course and very long, tapering to an ultra-fine point. They are unique effects brushes that produce wonderful curvy lines with little effort. They are great for cross hatching and most types of wet or dry brush. The more you load the brush up, the better the results.

Moos hair is great for any type of water based paint or ink. They are also great for solvent based paints or inks, but remember that solvents accelerate brush wear.

Moose Hair has a springiness or snap to it that makes it fun to use The hair diameter size ranges from thicker than Sabeline and thinner than Boar hair at the base, and tapers to an ultra-fine tip  The combination provides a unique tactile feedback. The media holding capability is okay given the long taper and fairly thin nature of Moose Hair brushes.

The Moose Hair i use is single dressed, meaning is is thoroughly cleaned one time. Irregular hair length is part of this brush’s nature. When heavily loaded it produces a single line that tapers to an ultra-fine tip. when dry or used sideways it produces a number of tips and unique lines.

I offer this brush in one bristle length of about 3″.

3” long bristle Moose Hair Brushes

The 3″ inch long bristle is outstanding long sensuous lines and anywhere you want a unique dry brush that can cover a lot of area quickly. Moose Hair may take a little time to get comfortable with but is fun to use. It is a step away from traditional brushes and excels for ceramic related applications and any time you want sensuous lines, or stronger crosshatches. The 3″ brush produces nicer results but can take a little longer to get used to if you are not used to working with longer bristles.