Brushes with Silver Fox Bristles

My Silver Fox Brushes are a delight to use.

They are a little softer than Kolinsky Sable and have about the same ultra-fine tip.

The Silver Fox brush is excellent for any water based paint or ink. It is also excellent for any of the less viscus solvent based paints or inks. But remember that solvents accelerate brush wear.

Silver Fox has a light springiness or snap that is a little softer than a Kolinsky. The hair is fairly uniform and is about 1/8th the diameter of a human hair. The hair has a long taper at the tip end which gives the brush a long and ultra-fine tip.

The Silver Fox hair i use comes from the guard hair. It is double dressed, meaning the hair is thoroughly cleaned two times, and the irregular hairs are combed out. As a result, it is uniform. I add a little bit of goat hair to make it a bit stiffer than it would be otherwise. The goat hair is used on the bottom 1/2 of the brush so it doesn’t affect the ultra-fine tip. Silver Fox is kind of the BMW 7 series of the paintbrush world, and the vast majority who use it are delighted.

It is excellent for lettering, wet or dry brush and makes soft dry brush results. It is a spoiler of a brush and many who use it have made it one of their main brushes.

I offer this brush in one bristle length of about 1 inch.

1” long bristle Silver Fox Brushes

The 1″ inch long bristle is good for general applications where ultra-fine detail is desired, and where the artist likes a very responsive brush. Silver Fox works for all kinds of painting techniques.The brushes not only excel when control is needed but they are fabulous to produce soft dry brush techniques.