Lebenzon Paintbrushes offers the highest quality 100% handmade brushes, since the 1980’s.

If you are looking for instruction on how to make a brush, search on YouTube. It is a fabulous resource.

Lebenzon Paintbrushes are unique. They are entirely handmade by one old man. They are made to be comfortable in ways no other brush can touch. They are a delight for younger and experienced older hands. They offer unmatched comfort, quality, and performance.

It takes 50+ steps to make each Lebenzon brush.

Lebenzon Paintbrushes offers a lifetime warranty for materials and workmanship. The best in the industry.

Lebenzon Paintbrushes are based on the concepts of highest comfort, highest quality, and highest performance brushes. This is combined with renewable resources. Compromise is not part of the design. The many steps involved combined with premium quality creates the finest brushes anywhere.

Lebenzon Paintbrushes offers over 200 unique brushes. Most are designed as a confluence between calligraphy brushes and modern round brushes. Many are made for fine detail work. Bristle lengths vary from 1/2″ up to 5″ depending on the brush. Lebenzon Paintbrushes also offers a variety of mop brushes.

Calligraphy brushes have a long and a rich history of amazing workmanship, great performance, and durability. For most of human history a Calligraphy brush was a symbol of literacy and creativity. A Calligraphy brush was cared for, and handed down from one generation to another. Long before there were computers, typewriters, printing presses, or even fountain pens and paper, literature, art, and pottery were created from handmade paintbrushes and different materials.

Going back a bit further, handmade paintbrushes date back to about 2.5 million years ago. From that distant time, until about the 20th century, every great work of art was made by a handmade brush.

Paintbrushes were considered so vital for much of human history that in the Mid-East and Far-East, when a child was born, their first haircut was used to make a paintbrush. When the child was old enough, he or she would use that custom brush to help them learn to read, write, create art and discover the joy of painting.

A paintbrush was the central creative tool for most of recorded history. During this vast era, paintbrush skills were the only path to literacy and art.

From this long and proud origin, owning many high quality paintbrushes has always been a symbol of great love and skills.

Tracy Lebenzon, the maker of Lebenzon Paintbrushes, did a lot of research before he started making brushes. He found a lot goes into a good brush. Materials and techniques have improved across the generations. Sometimes traditional materials are lost due to the passage of time. Tracy’s research revealed some materials provide a lot more comfort, quality, and performance than are found in other artist brushes. That is why the handles are made from bamboo cane and root.

Due to his research, Tracy brings a lot of innovations to his Lebenzon Paintbrushes. All artists benefit greatly from a brush that is high performance and more comfortable. Absolutely everyone benefits from a brush that is easier to control.

Lebenzon Paintbrushes are a combination of old world craftsmanship combined with sometimes state of the science synthetic bristles,  and sometimes combined with the highest performing and most responsive natural hair bristles. Each provides you with just the right touch.

Lebenzon Paintbrushes are made to be like an extension of your imagination and more comfortable in your hand, at the same time. Even when new Lebenzon Paintbrushes have the look and feel of brushes that have been loved and cared for decades.

Lebenzon Paintbrushes uses one or two of sixteen different bristle materials for each brush. The combination of bristle materials, different bristle diameters, and a variety of bristle lengths permits Lebenzon Paintbrushes to offer over 200 different, high performance and uniquely comfortable brushes.

Each brush is a one of a kind creation that’s perfect at what it does.

There is a lot more to a handmade Lebenzon Paintbrush!

Part of the unique offerings by Lebenzon Paintbrushes, includes a variety of springiness to meet the brush user’s taste for responsiveness. Some like a very soft brush and some like a springier brush. Some like something in between. Lebenzon Paintbrushes is unique in that they are the only brush maker to offer the many bristle materials to provide highly nuanced responsiveness.

Using upcycled and renewable resources is common sense in our era and why Lebenzon Paintbrushes natural hair brushes are made from renewable materials and repurposed materials whenever possible. Some love natural hair brushes and some love synthetic. Lebenzon Paintbrushes offers the best of both.

Each Lebenzon brush handle is carefully handmade. About 75% of the work to make a brush goes into the handle. With most bamboo, the opening in the middle of the bamboo tube is naturally occurring. The opening in each piece of bamboo changes from the base to the tip. After each bamboo handle is made, the opening is carefully measured and a bristle is made for that specific handle.

The handle and bristle are then bonded together. This is part of why each brush is unique. Each handle and bristle are a unique pairing.

The term “Calligraphy brush” has mostly fallen out of favor. It’s been replaced by the term “Round brush.” They are not the same.

A modern Round brush is not very similar to a traditional calligraphy brush. A round brush is designed and built to be as inexpensive as possible. Most commercial brushes don’t last that long. The majority start losing bristles after the first uses.

In contrast, a calligraphy brush will provide far more nuance than a round brush does. You can buy a hand full of Round brushes for a bunch of tasks, or just a couple of Calligraphy brushes for the same tasks.

Traditional Calligraphy brushes are not perfectly symmetrical. Artists love the variety of strokes offered by handmade brushes. This nuance is entirely lost with commercial brushes.

Lebenzon Paintbrushes offer handmade brushes to artists of all types. Lebenzon’s biggest collection of customers are Watercolor artists, who love brushes that outperform anything else. Their second biggest customer collection are Potters who love high performance brushes and have needs for brushes to survive the harsh environment of working with ground glass, ground metal, and other sharp edged materials used in pottery.  Lebenzon Paintbrushes third biggest collection of artists are Calligraphers who love the responsiveness and nuanced performance of a handmade Lebenzon Paintbrush.

Want to learn more? As of this writing (early in 2024), there are around 800 video sessions on YouTube that feature Lebenzon Paintbrushes. These videos were made by artists around much of the world. That says something pretty impressive about the brushes! Search for Lebenzon Paintbrushes and select videos.

Lebenzon Paintbrushes are not a mass produced, high volume brush like a Rosemary, a Da Vinci, a Princeton, or other good artist brushes. In contrast to these widely respected makers of brushes, Lebenzon Paintbrushes are different. They are ergonomically comfortable and responsive to your painting skills in ways no other brush can touch. They are like an extension of your imagination.

Candidly, the one downside of Lebenzon Paintbrushes is because they are entirely handmade by one man, it may take a while to complete you order. Lebenzon Paintbrushes are literally works of art to create works of art. This is why Lebenzon Paintbrushes are exhibited at many top rated juried art shows and conferences across decades of time.

Going back to the 1980’s, Lebenzon brushes were offered exclusively at top rated, juried art shows and conferences across the USA. Some of the more notable shows and conferences include Smithsonian Craft Festival, The American Craft Council Shows, The National Council for the Education of Ceramic Arts annual Conference, the International Guild of Calligraphy Artists, the Virginia Beach Arts show, and many, many more widely known shows.

Starting in 2020, Lebenzon Paintbrushes opened a secure WordPress based web site, as a way to show and offer over 200 different types of one of a kind, handmade brushes. Since then Lebenzon Paintbrushes are purchased by artists in over 50 nations.

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Add up the details and compare Lebenzon Paintbrushes to any other brush.

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