Bamboo Rhizome Handgrip brush with One Inch Long Brown Synthetic Bristle

$200.00 $200.00

  • Handle is bamboo rhizome
  • Handle is about 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 3″ to 4″
  • Handle color varies
  • Bristle length is about 1″
  • Style Code: Rhizomed10001W


My Rhizome Handgrip brushes are a special series I make for people who have hand damage from arthritis or injury or related, those who like them, and collectors. They are a limited edition and each brush is a one of a kind creation. These brushes combine some of my best bristle materials with a very comfortable to use brush handle.

The bristle in the photo shown is my Brown Synthetic fibers. The material creates a fine tip and a large media holding capacity. In addition it has an enjoyable springy nature which makes the brush very enjoyable to use, and applicable for just about any paint media type.

I make these with a variety of bristle material and offer to make them with any of my normally stocked selected bristle materials. Prices vary based on the bristle material used. Contact me if this is your interest.

Another detail that is great about my Synthetic brushes is that they are highly resistant to even the harshest brush cleaners. This makes them very well suited for oils, for example, because they resist the wear many natural hair brushes experience with harsh cleaners.

The handle is made from a special lightweight bamboo rhizome which i import from Jakarta. I’m able to get a limited number of these and it takes about a year between the order and receipt date. Due to this these are extremely rare and are true collectors items.

Note that my brushes are handmade, and so there are no two which are completely identical. When you order, the handle colors may be different.