Brushes With Kolinsky Sable Bristles

My Kolinsky Sable Brushes are among best brushes around.

Kolinsky Sable is the long time favorite among those who work with inks, watercolors, and aqueous acrylics. It is a soft brush with a nice spring to it and one of the finest tips available.

The Kolinsky Sable i use is double dressed, meaning it is thoroughly cleaned two times. I employ a mix of shorter and longer hairs in my Kolinsky brushes. This blend helps to provide a very nice paint or ink delivery and greatly increases the amount of media the brush holds.

Note that some art stores offer “Red Sable” or “Kolinsky” which uses the body hair of Kolinsky, or something else. These tend to be a droopy brush, no matter how thick the brush may be.  Often they are pretty heavily discounted. My brushes come from the tail hair only.

I offer the 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm diameter sizes of this brush with a length of 3/4 inch. The Kolinsky tail hair is up to about 1″ long overall and securing the bristle is a delicate process.

3/4” Long Bristle Kolinsky Sable Brushes

The 3/4″ inch long bristle is outstanding for calligraphy or anywhere tight control or high detail is desired. Kolinsky works for all kinds of painting techniques.The brushes not only excel when tight control is needed but they are fabulous to produce soft dry brush techniques.

The 1mm, 3mm, & 5mm Diameter Kolinsky Sable Brush Set

If you are after a custom made carefully matched set of Kolinsky brushes, look no further.

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