Brushes with Siberian Elk Bristles

My Siberian Elk Brushes are the best brushes you’ll ever use.


The Siberian Elk brush is excellent for any water based paint or ink. It is also excellent for any solvent based paint or ink. But remember that solvents accelerate brush wear.

Siberian Elk has a springiness or snap to it that is unique in all the world. The hair diameter size ranges from Kolinsky fine (about 1/10th the diameter of a human hair) up to a little thicker than goat hair. The hair tapers to an ultra-fine tip so the brush has has a short and ultra-fine tip. The combination provides the best tactile feedback you’ve ever used combined with about the best in media holding capability.

This brush will spoil you.

The Siberian Elk hair i use is double dressed, meaning is is thoroughly cleaned two times, and the irregular hairs are combed out. So it is very uniform. It is kind of the Ferrari of the paintbrush world, and the vast majority who use it are delighted.

This hair is very hard to come by. It took me nearly 4 years to track down a small amount of it.

I offer this brush in 2 bristle lengths of about 1/2″ and 1″. Where people *love* the smaller diameter editions of this brush, I’ve sold several of my mid-sized brushes and many contacted me to ask for another, and another. One person so far has purchased 5 of them. You really can’t go wrong with this brush.

The first row (below) shows the 1/2″ bristle length brushes, the 2nd row shows the 1″ brushes. Click on the image for more information.

1/2” long bristle Siberian Elk Brushes

The 1/2″ inch long bristle is outstanding for calligraphy or anywhere tight control or high detail is desired. Siberian Elk works for all kinds of painting techniques.The brushes not only excel when tight control is needed but they are fabulous to produce soft dry brush techniques.

1” long bristle Siberian Elk Brushes

The 1 inch long bristle is favored by many because they are great for general applications and work well for tight control. They excel for expressive work. The Siberian Elk brush is also excellent for dry brush. The fine hairs are great for dappling, making leaves, bushes, grasses and wispy patterns and sensuous lines. The 1″ edition of this brush does this even better than shorter hair edition.