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Small, Medium & Wangi Medium, Goat and Synthetic Blend Brush Set With 3/4 Inch Long Bristles And Bamboo Cane and Wangi Bamboo Handles

$170.00 $170.00

  • Handles include 2 bamboo cane and 1 wangi bamboo handle
  • Handle lengths are between about 4″ and 8″
  • Handles come in a variety of colors which may be green, brown, or yellow. I try to make sets match but no guarantee.
  • Bristle length is about 3/4 inch.
  • Bristle diameters varies; see above.
  • Style Code: GS100034SMW


My Goat and Synthetic blended brushes are made from the highest grade of double dressed Goat hair, and the brushes also include just the right amount of a very high quality grade of tapered synthetic fibers blended in. The Goat and Synthetic blend brush is my most popular and is a revolutionary brush! It is a unique brush that offers the ability to produce a hair fine line, provides subtle and excellent feedback, even when working on the tip, and holds a lot of paint or ink.

A Goat Hair Brush is a “go to” brush the world over. Goat Hair is awesome for media holding with watercolors, inks, and acrylics, Goat Hair does not have the best springiness nor does it produce a long ultra-fine tip. By adding some high quality tapered synthetic fibers I enhance the nature of Goat Hair and the combination makes a soft brush with a sturdy and ultra-fine tip.

The 3/4″ length brush is intended for lettering and any place that tight control is desired. Plus they are great for general application, hatching, cross hatching, drybrush, making straight lines or organic curves. They are also great for stippling. My Goat and Synthetic blend brushes are superb in any diameter!

Some artists have told me they abandoned nearly all their other brushes because my goat and synthetic blended brushes do everything they ever wanted, and they say it makes using the brush more fun!

My 3/4″ long Goat and Synthetic blend brush holds a lot of media. Plus the tip will produce a hair fine line.

  • The bristle of the small size is between about 2mm to 4mm in diameter.
  • The bristle of the mid-size is between about 4.5mm to 8mm in diameter.
  • The bristle of the mid-size wangi handle is about 7mm in diameter.

It is a rare brush that can produce an ultra-fine tip and provides excellent feedback. The brush is a delight to use. It excels with acrylics, gouache, glaze, inks, underglaze, watercolors, and anything that isn’t extremely viscous. The brushes hold a lot of media. This lets you spend more time painting. The mid-size brushes are big enough so you can mix 2 colors on the brush. The large size can accommodate 3 colors on the brush. The Goat and Synthetic blend brushes produce excellent hatching, cross hatching, stippling, flat washes, drybrush and, are among the best fine line detail brushes around.

The bamboo cane handle is very comfortable in the hand and very light. My small brushes have a bristle size between about 2mm and 4mm.

The Wangi handle is a special offering that has a 7mm bristle diameter combined with a rare, very light imported bamboo root known as Wangi bamboo. This handle is hand carved and oiled. It is very soft to the touch and light in the hand. You can spend all day using it. The mid-size bristle lets you spend more time applying paint. Mid-size bristles have enough bristle to let you apply 2 different colors on the brush and blend them on the canvas. This technique produces really cool results.

These brushes are workhorses and a one of a kind work of art and will provide many years of enjoyment.

Some important notes:

  • To see information about the bristle diameter Click here.  Note the link opens in a new tab.
  • Check with my note about brush sizes to find how I size the brushes.
  • My brushes are handmade, and so there are no two which are completely identical. When you order, the handle color may vary slightly due to my whim when i make these. Most are brown with dark brown features.
  • If you have a specific request, let me know on a note when you get to the checkout. My brushes are all one of a kind creations. The handle color and length will vary with the bamboo I use at the time. I’ll match the brush up to your request as close as I can. Note that unless you provide a note, I will not accept returns due to issues related to the handle color or length.
  • I keep a good supply of brushes on hand. I sell up to hundreds of brushes at a show and due to this I run out of some brush types from time to time. If I don’t have one in stock at the time of your order I will let you know.

Additional information

Weight .7 oz
Dimensions 19 × 2 × 2 in
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