Special Medium Diameter Potter’s Set With Wangi Bamboo Handles

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  • Handles are Wangi bamboo
  • Handle lengths are about 4″ to 8″
  • Handle color varies.
  • Bristle lengths vary from about 1″ to about 3″ long
  • Bristle diameter are about 5mm to 9mm
  • Style Code: PAOPS10001WM


This is a great set for work with pottery. It offers my most comfortable and durable handles with a specially selected set that is delightful for use with pottery and is a mix of natural hair and synthetic brushes. The brushes are all designed to hold a lot of media, produce wide or ultra-fine detail work, and makes great drybrush results. Best of all is they are as durable as possible.

The Medium diameter set includes our Brown Synthetic, Soft White Synthetic, Deer Hair  Boar Hair, and Goat and Synthetic blend The bristle lengths vary from 1″ up to about 3″ for the Deer Hair, and are suitable for a wide variety of media types.

The Medium diameter brushes offer great performance and low cost. They are ideal for all kinds of work and do a great job with everything. A lot of people only work with medium diameter brushes.

  • My Brown Synthetic brush is one of the most popular brushes. It is a little stiffer than the Soft White Synthetic and has a great snap or springiness to it. The fibers are tapered and etched to provide smooth delivery of all types of painting media. It is ideal for anything from watercolor to ink, to acrylics to oil paints. It is also excellent for anyone who wants a deliciously springy brush. The Brown Synthetic brushes offer excellent performance and gives fabulous snap and feedback It also has an hair-fine tip and great longevity. The Brown Synthetic Brush has worked its way to being one of my best sellers.
  • The long bristle Soft White Synthetic brushes are popular for use as a larger rigger brush and for who like a brush that holds a lot of thicker media and can deliver the finest lines. The Soft White Synthetic bristle is made from a specialized grade of synthetic fibers that behave a lot like goat hair except stiffer. The fibers are tapered to provide smooth delivery of all types of painting media. It is ideal for anything that is heavily loaded. It is also excellent for anyone who wants a softer brush. The Soft White Synthetic brushes offer excellent performance and gives fabulous snap and feedback. As you can see it also has a fine tip. In addition it has great longevity.
  • Boar Hair brushes are made from Boar. This hair type is sometimes called bristle. Which is confusing since all brushes have a bristle. Anyway, Boar hair is very course. and produces even media flow. Boar hair is tapered and often has splits at the tip. These are called tines. It can make a fine point with viscous paint materials. Another ting it does very well is produce a very course drybrush. This ads a distinctive texture that nothing else will produce, when desired. The texture makes it an ideal  drybrush. Boar hair is a go to brush for many artists who use thicker paint media.
  • My Goat and Synthetic blended brushes are made from the highest grade of goat hair, which is known as double dressed hair, and also blended with just the right amount of the soft white synthetic fibers used in some of my other brushes. The combination makes for a hair-fine tip that provides nuanced feedback, and fabulous paint or ink holding capability. In addition the Goat and Synthetic blend offers very smooth and responsive delivery. It is a revolutionary brush and my most popular creation. This brush offers what many consider to be the best of two types of brush, where each enhances the capabilities of the other. Goat hair is awesome for media holding, and is probably the most popular type of brush the world over. By adding some high quality synthetic fibers (same as my Soft White Synthetic) the result enhances the nature of the Goat hair and produces a soft brush that has a hair-fine tip and subtle feedback.

Another detail that is great about my Synthetic brushes is that they are highly resistant to even the harshest brush cleaners. This makes them very well suited for oils, for example, because they resist the wear many natural hair brushes experience with harsh cleaners.

The bristles vary in length from 1″ up to about 3″ long. The length is set for the special uses of the brushes and are selected in this group as many potters love the combination.

The Wangi handle (pronounced like Wayne-Ghee) is hand carved, stained and oiled. Wangi is very light and soft to the touch. It is a root bamboo material that is carefully cured before carving. It is light in the hand larger than other handles, has a smooth but irregular surface which makes it comfortable to use all day.

Some important notes

  • To see information about the bristle diameter Click here. Note the link opens in a new tab.
  • Check with my note about brush sizes to find how I size the brushes.
  • My brushes are handmade, and so there are no two which are completely identical. When you order, the handle color may be dark brown, yellow, or something in between.
  • If you have a specific request, let me know on a note when you get to the checkout. My brushes are all one of kind creations. The handle color and length will vary with the bamboo I use at the time. I’ll match the brush up to your request as close as I can. Note that unless you provide a note, I will not accept returns due to issues related to the handle color or length.
  • I keep a good supply of brushes on hand. I sell up to hundreds of brushes at a show and due to this I run out of some brush types from time to time. If I don’t have one in stock at the time of your order I will let you know.
  • If I’m at a show, delivery of your order may be delayed by about a week. I will let you know if that’s the case. I check orders almost every day.

Additional information

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Dimensions 19 × 3 × 3 in
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