Brushes With Brown Synthetic Bristles

I offer these brushes in bristle lengths of 3/4″ and  1″, long bristle lengths.  The first row shows the 3/4″ long bristle length brushes, the 2nd row shows the 1″ brushes. Click on the image for more information.

The Brown Synthetic brushes are ideal for water based and/or solvent based inks and paints. I introduced these in 2018 and they have become one of my most popular brushes. They are exceptional brushes!

The Brown Synthetic Bristles have a nice spring or snap, as it’s sometime called, and they form a hair-fine tip. They do everything right. The synthetic fibers are textured and tapered at the tip. They are very resilient against both wear and solvent based inks and paint. They will outlast any natural hair brush with comparable use.

3/4” Long Bristle Brown Synthetic Brushes

The 3/4 inch long bristle is favored by many because it works for all kinds of painting techniques and is awesome for any finely detailed work. The brushes excel when tight control is needed and are delicious to work with for detail, lettering or calligraphy.

1” Long Bristle Brown Synthetic Brushes

The inch long bristle is favored by many because they are great cross over that works for general applications and works well for tight control or expressive work.

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