I offer a wide selection of brush sets which fit into 2 general categories.

The first category are brushes of the same hair type and which differ in the brush diameter. I call these Family Sets. An example of this are my Blended Goat Hair and Synthetic sets. You can find the family sets under the Family Brush Sets by menu at the top of the page or buttons on the home page.

The second set are collections which i assembled based on popular feedback. I call these Specialty Sets. An example of a Specialty Set is my Small Diameter Watercolor And Aqueous Acrylic Set

Of course you are welcome to make up your own sets. The sets below are both recommended and good guidelines on how to put together a set of brushes. Any grouping of 3 or more brushes is considered a set

Below are the Specialty Sets

To see the Family Sets of brushes click here. (Note, this opens a new tab)

Collectively i sell more Synthetic brushes than i do natural hair brushes. People of all disciplines love them. The fibers or filaments are both textured and tapered at the tip and they can produce both a very fine tip, hold a lot of paint or ink, and they are largely impervious to wear and tear from both use and typical cleaners. In addition to that, synthetic brushes offer excellent feedback and springiness.

Because of their popularity, i have some sets of brushes that provide a sampling of the different grades of stiffness.

The following brushes are enjoyed by thousands who work with Heavy Body Acrylics, Oils, Enamels and other more viscous paint media.

Watercolor painters are among the majority of my customers. Based on feedback from thousands of these Artists, i have put together a collection of excellent performers

Ceramic artists are also among my biggest customers. One show i exhibit at is named the NCECA show. NCECA is an acronym for the National Association of Education for Ceramic Artists. The NCECA group does an enormous amount of outreach to ceramic student and professional ceramic artists. A group of 6 thousand plus come to their annual conference and i get a lot of excellent feedback and requests from this group. The brush sets below are based on the feedback.